Monday, February 16, 2009

Getting Married?

When you pop the question, or answer that big question what do you do next? Are you looking for that faerie tale wedding or are you going away to get married? What is the most important to you? The dress, food, venue, or Flowers?
The trend seems to be nice elegant weddings for a smaller guest list. This way the Bride and Groom have the wedding they want in their budget. Let us know how you see your special day.

1 comment:

  1. Flowers, flowers, flowers. Even if you're going away to get married, isn't it a great idea to have a reception here, in Minnesota, where your family and friends are????

    Flowers make everything more exciting! They dress up individual tables, buffet tables, hair, gowns, wrists, you name it! They can be coy, sexy, serious, mysterious, or whatever you’re looking for. Plus, who doesn’t like getting a flower??? Flowers are number 1 on my list!

    And Lesa, your petals really talk!!!