Sunday, November 8, 2009

MN State Florist Convention

Today I had the pleasure to attend the MN State Florist Convention. They offered mini break out sessions on business and design seminars, PLUS design competitions. What a fantastic way to be inspired. Our floral wholesalers came though BIG time in helping support our growing association. Thank you to Len Busch Roses, Koehler & Dramm, Lakeland Florist Supply, Hermes, Krueger, Tropical Gardens, and so many other suppliers. It is wonderful to be inspired to go out and service our customers to the top of our ability and WOW them with great design. The most fun or best part of our industry is the opportunity to keep learning. Every one has a different reason for being in our business with a different philosophy for being a florist or owning a business in the horticulture field. We are passionate people and love what we do. Thank you to all of you our customers who make it possible to live out our dreams. Lesa

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