Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where oh where should you buy your Valentine flowers from?

Do you order your roses from a 1800 number or from your local florist? If you pick up the phone and call 1800..... to purchase your dozen roses for $29.99 do you realise that they are delivered by UPS or FEDEX who's vehicles are not heated, they leave them at your door whether you are home or not out in the below freezing weather. Hum mm, what do you think those flowers are going to look like after being in the cold for that long? You might as well throw your money in the toilet and flush. If you use a real florist your product comes to you fresh, designed with the utmost care and delivered in a temperature controlled vehicle, so your flowers will last. Enjoy the beauty, call your local florist to get the best product your money can buy.

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