Sunday, January 9, 2011

To carry the rock, or not to carry the rock!

You can sure tell we do not spend a whole lot of time in the city. We were at the expo for MNLA in Mpls on Thursday and Brandon, an employee; won a huge rock. We parked quite aways away and our thought was, "Jeez, now we have to carry this rock miles and miles!" We'll it wasn't quite miles but it would have felt that way..... So we decided to leave Brandon and his rock behind while we went to get the car and we would come back and pick him up. Smart thinking huh? Well we all had to climb the escalator because they had shut it down already, ugh. We walked a couple of blocks BEFORE we realised we were lost and were going the wrong way. We turned around and walked all the way back and down the escalator. You should have seen Brandon's face, boy did we laugh. We went the right way, and walked, and walked.... Finally we found our parking garage, found the car and watched another gal looking for her car. At least we weren't the only lost fools that night. We drove out of the parking ramp, of course we didn't know which turn to take so we did the smart thing and guessed. Wrong, we drove by and couldn't get to Brandon so we waved and went around the block a second time. We found the correct turn after much debate and found him standing out side with his big box. Now we had to fit the dang rock in the car. Well we couldn't quite get the box to fit so he ended up tearing the box off the rock, mind you it is very cold out side and were freezing all for this rock; and pushing it between the seats. Now that I think of it, I wonder how hard it was to get the rock out once they got to his car. All of us laughed and said it is so funny how when you take people out of their element how they respond. When deciding to meet were wondered how long it would take to get to the city with traffic, leaving in the cold dark in the early morning and going home in the cold dark at night. We all decided we would rather follow a hay truck any time than be stuck in city traffic. At least the 6 of us car pooled so we had each other to laugh with. I guess the moral of this story is, being with friends makes even the dumbest things funny, thanks for the laughs you guys! Lesa

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