Friday, March 20, 2009

The childish joy of Easter

It is official, Lent has begun and Easter is just around the corner. I can remember as a child Easter was such a compelling holiday, the imagination and excitement was like a second Christmas. Looking back on Easter morning, I would wake up surrounded by chocolate and candy eggs. Next, I would search for my hidden basket of candy and treasures. Reminiscing reminds me of how something so simple can be so fun. But just like all childish things, my Easter excitement somehow got away from me, and as I grew up, the simple youthful joy dwindled away.

As a new comer to the 101 Market staff, I am brought back to the joys of childhood as I walk through the store and see all of the wonderful brightly colored decorations, custom painted Austrian eggs, and stuffed bunnies and chickens.

I think maybe it’s not too late for us adults; maybe we still can let our inner child out during this religious holiday and go crazy with decoration, candies and toys. If you don’t want to spurge on yourself, splurge on others. Adults with children spoil them a bit and go Easter nuts, for in the end they will appreciate the memories. And as for the adults such as myself with no children, send a basket to a friend or family member, and remind them of the childish joy of receiving an Easter gift.

By Amy Learn

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