Sunday, April 5, 2009

Eating grass and staying healthy

If you have been in 101 Market lately chances are you have noticed the patches of wheatgrass growing in various pots around the store. The item has been flying off our shelves just in time to decorate for Easter. But this adorable plant is more than just a place to store Easter eggs; it is an extremely healthy addition to anyone’s diet. One interesting fact I read was that 15 pounds of wheatgrass contains the same amount of nutrients as 150 pounds of fruits and vegetables! Wow, that's impressive.

The thought of consuming grass is probably grossing most of you out right now, but to be honest I’ve tried it and it isn’t that bad. I brought a small patch home the other night and my mom and I decided to give this health craze a try. First, we had to liquefy the grass; humans cannot digest the nutrients if it is left in the solid form. We didn’t have a juicer so we improvised; we blended it like crazy with a bit of water. Once it was in liquid form, we strained it and blended it again with grape juice and real fruit – to take the edge of the grass taste. I’ll be frank, the color is not appetizing. However, if you can get past that it tastes okay. It’s not something I now crave, but for how healthy it is I think I can put up with the grass taste.

By Amy Learn

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