Saturday, May 9, 2009

A mother's gift

Tomorrow's the day, the day to pay tribute to the a very special woman. The woman who gave us life, nurtured us, and instilled life values to prepare us for our lives; that woman is our mothers.

The mother-child relationship is like no other, and over time it changes into something so special that one day is not enough gratitude.

As an adult, I realize it was the simple things my mother did that were so filled with love. Of course, growing up I never appreciated or acknowledged them; especially in my adolescence, when I was too proud and popular in my own world to recognize how truly wonderful my mother was then. She always put my sisters and me first, she taught us to live life to the fullest, chase our dreams and hold our faith close to our hearts. From her I learned the value of discipline and life lessons, which at the time seemed irrelevant, to me; God bless for her patients during those rebellious teenage years.

Today, my mom is my best friend, and I am proud to say much of her is reflected in me. Her values, her morals, her outlook on life are all traits I now cherish.

My advice for everyone is don't just give your mother a gift, give her your deepest gratitude for the woman she is and all she has done.

By Amy Learn

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