Sunday, May 17, 2009

Smell Sampling

The other week, I was reminded on how adorable children can be. It was a Sunday evening near closing time at 101 Market, when a mother and her little girl came wandering into the store.

The girl, who I will guess was around the age of 5, bolted through the front sliding glass doors and headed straight to the corner of the store that is filled with rustic gifts and candles. I was sort of intrested why this particular child bypassed the shelves of the ever so popular Webkniz; which is usually a kid hot spot.

She waited patiently for her mother next to the shelves stocked with Milk House candles. It was only second before her mother was next to her and began pulling candles off the shelves, removing the lids and holding them for her daughter to sniff.I have to agree that the aroma theses soy candles give off is so strong and wonderful; it is hard not to indulge in the many scents.

As the two finished up their smell sampling they began to browse the store. The mother must have noticed my spying eye, and began to explain their situation. She told me, she gave her daughter the day, and she could pick whatever she wanted to do. Her daughter’s response was, “I want to go to the flower place and smell the candles.”

How precious, I told the mother. She laughed and agreed and continued to explain, their first time at 101 Market was three weeks ago and now everyday her daughter asks to comeback.I guess were aren’t embellishing when we said “we have something for everyone.”

By Amy Learn

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